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Food Safety

The Pinnacle of our Success 

Weaver Meats specializes in the production of premium quality solid muscle jerky and meat snack sticks known locally in the Cleveland area as smokies.  Weaver Meats is all-in when it comes to our commitment to the safety of our team and our products.  We operate under strict HACCP guidelines where food safety is by design an integral part of the production process.  Weaver Meats has been a USDA inspected facility for over twenty-five years. We are now expanding the facility and our commitment to long term growth by embracing the Global Food Safety Initiative through Safe Quality Food Certification (SQF).

Commitment to the Production of Safe Quality Foods

100% of the Weaver Meats team, is 100% committed to providing

100% of our customers with safe quality food products, 100% of the time.





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