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From Vision to Reality

From retail to manufacturer. Two brothers set on a journey that many dream of.


Dave (19 years old) and Mike (23 years old) opened their retail shop Weaver Meats in Mentor on the Lake, Ohio. This is where they learned the art of making beef jerky and smokies.

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After seeing how popular their jerky was becoming at the retail shop and the growing meat snack industry. They decided to sell the retail shop so they can start the next challenge of manufacturing.


After selling their retail store in August 1996 the brothers broke ground in February 1997 in Painesville, OH for their 5,000 sq. Ft. usda inspected facility.


After many years of trying to get their own brand off the ground. The brothers realized their specialty wasn’t sales but producing a great quality product and letting others do the sales. They started to focus on Private Label and Co-Branding things really started to take off. They added 4,000 sq. Ft. warehouse to keep up with new sales.


The next generation of Weaver’s came on board to help the brothers with their growing company.


Became part owners of Tommy’s Jerky


The company hit its stride and started growing quicker than ever. During this time they added on another 15,000 sq. ft


The brothers purchased two surrounding buildings and are breaking ground to connect the lands for more production and warehouse for their expanding business. This will make their total footprint over 50,000 sq. ft when it is finished.


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